Saturday, March 30, 2013

Calm Before the Storm

Happy Saturday everyone!  Hope you all had a great week.  Mine was jam-packed but now I'm home for Easter break, so the hard work was definitely worth it!  This will be the last time I'm home before the end of the semester which is so crazy to think about.  SMC students have about a month left until finals start.  I have something going on every weekend from now until the end of the semester, so I know it'll fly by.  Here's a look of what's ahead for me:
LEAP Retreat - April 5-7
LEAP is one of the retreats offered through Edmundite Campus Ministry.  I don't know too much about it, but a few of my friends have been on LEAP before and I can't wait to go!  I will be sure let you know how it was when I get back :)
Class Registration - April 8
I am in Group 1 (of 2) for the sophomore class, so I'll be getting up bright and early to register for fall semester classes.  Crossing my fingers I get everything I want - I'll keep you posted!
Accepted Students Day - April 13
This will be one of two Accepted Students Days in April.  I'm very excited to be giving a tour in the morning and talk with students who are in the process of making their final decisions about where they want to spend the next four years.  Maybe I'll see you there! :)
Accepted Students Day/Symposium - April 20
In addition to giving a tour, I'll be participating in the Experiential Learning Showcase, which is part of the Symposium going on all day.  I chose an artifact and wrote a narrative about my experience as being a Teacher's Assistant for the first year seminar Horses & Healing last semester.  I had a wonderful time at the barn each week and learned a lot about my leadership abilities.  I'm excited to share this with everyone on the 20th!
Last day at the farm last semester!
Macklemore - April 25
As I'm sure you know, Macklmore & Ryan Lewis are coming to SMC for our spring concert, which will be an amazing way to start off my second-to-last weekend at school!
Got my ticket :)
Horses TA Dinner/MLK Talent Show - April 26
The professor who teaches the Horses & Healing first year seminar, Bridget Kerr, has invited last semester's TAs to her house for dinner.  Students who will be TAs next semester will also be there - it will be a great opportunity for past TAs to share any experiences and important advice they might have so as to make the experience for next year's freshmen even better.  Bridget was kind enough to schedule the dinner early enough so we could all make it back to campus for the annual MLK Talent Show.  I went last year and it was an absolute blast - SMC students definitely know how to entertain!

My wonderful fellow TAs - Lauren, Alex, me, Meaghan, and Devan
Last year's talent show - it's packed!
P-Day - April 27
P-Day stands for Preparation Day and is dedicated to having as much fun as possible before finals week begins.  Last year there were a variety of awesome activities as well as vendors like Ben & Jerry's, The Skinny Pancake, and other Vermont favorites.  I'm definitely looking forward to it!

Last year's shirts - Hunger Games theme!

As you can see, I'll be extremely busy over the next month, but I'm excited for what's to come.  I'll do my best to keep you updated on everything!
For those of you celebrating, have a wonderful Easter and a great rest of weekend!  And as always, thanks for reading my blog!

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