Saturday, May 19, 2012

Catch Up!

Hey everyone! So sorry it's been so long since my last blog post! Since then, I've studied a lot for my finals, written a few papers, and finished my first year of college! I can't believe it! But the most exciting thing (which I previously promised to blog about) is that I went to a Christina Perri concert a few weeks ago!  It was at a small venue in Burlington called Higher Ground.  Needless to say, it was absolutely AWESOME and I am now obsessed with all of Christina's music! Here's a few pictures I got (we were so close!):

Even though there's a red tint from the lights, I absolutely LOVE this picture!
The entire night was great, including the opening act's performance.  They were a band called Sleeping at Last. Christina and SAL met because they both have songs on the movie soundtrack Breaking Dawn, which I totally love!  Check out this song called Dear True Love:
The lead singer Ryan explained to the audience that he never really got to say his vows when he got married, so he wrote them in a song instead.  What's even cooler is that all the lyrics are from/inspired by his favorite movies, including Toy Story 3 and Tangled.  Also, he was wearing a shirt with Mickey Mouse on it, so my friend Emma, being a Disney fanatic, was totally in love!

After the concert it was time to study like crazy.  Thankfully, I made it through and was successful on all of my finals!  My mom came to pick me up on Thursday, the day of my last final.  Here's a picture of the car with all my stuff in it:

Since being home, I've mostly just been relaxing, which has been so great!  I've spent some quality time with my friends from home and also went to my house in Maine with my mom for a few days.  In a few weeks, my college friends and I are going to take a trip to my Maine house which will be really fun because we all miss each other!

Earlier today I was cleaning out my desk drawers and found a bunch of letters that I received last summer from various people at SMC, such as my Orientation Leader, the Lit Choir director, and my lovely fellow blogger Alex.  It was so crazy to think that just a year ago I was getting ready to go to college.  Now that my first year is over, I'm happier than ever that I chose Saint Mike's and I'm so excited to go back next year! But first, I have a whole summer to enjoy at home :)

Don't hesitate to ask any questions about things you may be wondering about in terms of getting ready for the fall!  And congratulations to everyone who has chosen to be a part of the SMC Class of 2016 - we're so excited to have you in the fall!

Thanks so much for reading my blog and for those of you finishing up high school, good luck on all your exams and remember to appreciate the time you have left at home because you'll be starting a new chapter of your lives before you know it!


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