Sunday, October 7, 2012

Friday Knight Dry

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend.  It was a bit rainy here, but that didn't take away from the beautiful Vermont foliage!  My weekend started off with one of the most exciting events St. Mike's puts on during the fall semester - Friday Knight Dry.  It's a night filled with different activities throughout the Residence Halls and Alliot Student Center.  Some of these included Open Mic, Apples to Apples, dancing, Musical Chairs, a showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and cupcake decorating.  Everyone who attends these events receives raffle tickets to be used later in the night.  The most exciting event for me was the performance of SMC's three a capella groups.  My roommate Emma recently became a member of the Acabellas (SMC's all female a capella group) and Friday was her first performance.  It went extremely well and I'm so proud of her!  After the Acabellas performed, I also got to watch the Sleepless Knights (male and female) and Mike Check (all male) - a campus favorite.

While the groups were performing, students were able to put their raffle tickets in baskets for various prizes which ranged from a digital camera to a Keurig.  My friend Alex actually won a gift certificate to the Outdoor Gear Exchange!  Unfortunately I didn't win anything, but I still had a great time participating in the various activites.  My favorite would have to be cupcake decorating:

My friends are skilled!
Also during the performances, some of my friends decided to be creative with their raffle tickets:

I was so impressed!
 Overall, Friday Knight Dry was just as fun as last year - can't wait for it to happen again next year!

After a wonderful night of sleep, I woke up on Saturday and gave a tour to students who attended SMC's Academic Preview Day.  I always love giving tours and getting to share my love of SMC with everyone.  Hopefully my tourists liked being on the tour as much as I loved giving it!

My Sunday was spent running some errands (which included getting some birthday presents for my friend Vick) and doing homework.  However, all in all it was another great weekend at SMC and I am now feeling refreshed and ready to start another week of classes.

Hope everyone has a great week and thanks for reading!!

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