Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloweekend 2012

Hello everyone!  Hopefully this post finds you safe and well amidst all the craziness brought on by Sandy!  It hasn't started raining yet here at SMC, just lots of wind!  Anyway, I wanted to let you know how my weekend here went!  Seeing as Halloween is this week, my weekend was filled with Halloween activities.  It started on Friday with VITA Pumpkin Carving, which my friend Lauren and I co-hosted.  We had a great turnout and successfully feasted on candy, munchkins, and apple cider while simultaneously carving some beautiful pumpkins!

On Friday night, my roommate Emma and I painted our nails in preparation for Saturday night while also watching one of our favorite shows, Once Upon a Time.  The episode had pirates in it, which I absolutely loved because, for those who don't know, I'm obsessed with Jack Sparrow and therefore most other pirates!
Anyway, on Saturday I worked on some homework and then went into Burlington to buy shoes for a wedding I'm going to next weekend.  It will be my first wedding ever, so I'm very excited!  Getting into town was definitely an adventure, but I can now say confidently that I know how to follow the bus schedule, which is quite an accomplishment for me!
After dinner on Saturday, it was time to get ready for the Halloween dance.  It was great to have some girl time listening to music and doing hair, makeup, and getting dressed up!  Once everyone was ready, two of my best friends Cait and Alex had a little pre-dance get together in their room (which is conveniently right next door to me!).  We listened to more music which definitely got me excited for the dance!
I'm not a huge dance person, but I had a great time and it was awesome to see how creative everyone was with their costumes!
Sunday was spent doing homework (as usual) and, of course, singing at church with my awesome Lit Choir friends!  Jerome, the director, had me song lead one of the songs, which I was so honored to do because it's one of my favorites!  It's called Salamu Maria, which is the Hail Mary in Swahili.  Such a beautiful way to end my weekend!
As always, thanks so much for reading my blog!  Praying that everyone stays safe and sound as Sandy passes!

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