Sunday, October 21, 2012

My Weekend!

Hello everyone!  Hope you're all doing well.  Since I last posted, I've been extremely busy - last weekend I went home for fall break (SMC students had Monday & Tuesday off) and even though this week was shortened, I had tons to do!

This past weekend was the first time I've been home this semester.  It was so great to be able to see my family and spend some quality time with them.  While I was home, I (of course) did some of my favorite New Hampshire things, which include going to the mall, getting my haircut (shout out to my hairdresser Emily - she's awesome!), visiting the girls I babysit for, catching up on some TV (I'm obsessed, as you may know), walking in the woods with my mom, seeing some of my friends, and going to (arguably) the best store ever - Walmart! :) In all seriousness, I do enjoy shopping at other stores, but since my local Walmart is open 24 hours, going there always brings back fond memories of late night Walmart runs!

Anyway, enough about Walmart.  I drove myself back to SMC on Tuesday night, which was great because it gave me an opportunity to listen to the new Script CD I just got!  When I finally got back to school, my friends and I all updated each other on our weekends.  Even though we were only apart for a few days, it was great to see them again!  Seeing them always reminds me how much I love them and appreciate their friendship.

Since the week started on Wednesday, I began with what I call my "crazy day".  On Wednesdays I have three back-to-back classes, then I go to a horse barn in South Hero with my fellow Horses & Healing TA's, then I have a little time to do homework (this week it was spent studying for my anthropology exam), then I eat dinner and head to Liturgical Choir, which is probably my favorite thing I'm involved with on campus.  Jerome, the director always brightens my day with his humor and good attitude.

Although we had a lot of work to do this weekend, my friends and I decided to get some errands done on Friday night (see Alex's blog!), which included getting supplies for our Halloween costumes, some grocery shopping, and (of course) a Walmart run.  It was pouring rain the whole time we were out, so I'd like to give another shout out to Caitlin for driving and getting us safely home!  Once we got home, the rain had stopped, but it left what looked like a mini lake in front of our building.  My friends and I decided we had to take advantage of this opportunity, so we ran upstairs, put our stuff down, changed into our rainboots, and ran back outside to jump in the huge puddles.  I'm not sure who started it, but someone kicked someone else with water, and our adventure quickly turned into a puddle war.  After we were all completely soaked, we decided we should go back inside.  While our "war" only lasted for a few minutes, I absolutely loved every second of it.  I was (and am) so happy to have found such wonderful friends at Saint Mike's who I can have fun with while doing the simplest of things.

Me, Cait, Emma, Alex, and Cara before we raced to the showers!
Fortunately, the fun didn't stop there!  On Saturday, some of our friends decided to have a fall party which included apple picking, lots of baking, and just spending some time together (see Lauren's blog!).  It was so great to take a break from homework and just relax for a little while.

Today was eventful as well - a couple who sings at Mass on Sunday mornings had their annual Lit Choir brunch at their house.  After the 11am Mass, we all headed to their house to enjoy some absolutely delicious eggs, pancakes, and sausages.  It was so much fun and I can't wait to go next year!

I'm off to church and then back home to finish up my homework and get ready to start another great week at SMC!

Thanks for reading & hope everyone has a great week!

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